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  • " I recently moved into a home with a two car garage. I was looking for a solution to hold all my extras and still get two cars, work bench, and refrigerator inside. I talked to three companies and Jeff was by far the most informative and eager to give me what I wanted. Although I doubted what he said could be done with my garage, he made me a believer after completing the entire job within a week of his estimate. The proposal included a terrific 3-D drawing. He also was able to get the Gladiator refrigerator the next day and had it installed at a very reasonable price. At the end of the project, there were a few things missing, but Jeff and the installation crew reacted quickly and made sure they were added. I would recommend these guys in a heartbeat. "

  • " Jeff came to my home and was very personable. He understood my needs and overall vision. He provided what I felt was a very competitive quote for the total solution that included a finished floor, wall storage, cabinets, and ceiling storage platforms. Within two days of completing our agreement, his crew came out and installed a fantastic product. I am a new homeowner and it was very important to create more storage space for all items stacked in the unfinished part of my basement. I can now store all items appropriate and neatly. The floor looks fantastic and certainly feels as though it can take years of intense usage. I would recommend Potomac Garage Solutions to new and existing homeowners alike! "

  • " Excellent service. In fact the workers came in on time and did a fantastic work. They were very thorough and completed the work ahead of schedule and to my satisfaction.
    I will recommend Potomac Garage Solutions to anyone without hesitation. They are indeed very professional and provided excellent service. "

  • " We had a great experience with Zev. I have a large garage with a lot of additional touches we were looking to do to it. Zev made it look great and even had a bunch of great ideas himself that made it really pop. The work was done very quickly, the guys on the job were extremely courteous and were very helpful. Would not hesitate to recommend PGS to anyone. "

  • " I've always wanted to finish my garage and add the necessary storage to make it look stylish and functional but I've lacked the resources and know-how to really make it happen. Potomac Garage Solutions came over for a free estimate and outlined a new layout for my garage with stylish storage options. The salesman gave me a 5-day timeline to clean out my garage, install new flooring, paint and repair drywall, and install a StoreWall system complete with accessories. Their staff arrived the next day and began working right away. They completed the job in the promised time frame and accommodated any requests that I had. In under a week I had the garage of my dreams. If you're looking to finish or organize your garage, I recommend Potomac Garage Solutions. "

  • " Jeff came out and provided a comprehensive estimate for my garage floor, wood slat wall, cabinets, and an overhead lift for storage. His crew were on time and professional and finished the job ahead of time. I would recommend to anyone who is considering getting a garage floor, cabinets or wall solution. "

  • " Jeff and his crew did a wonderful job transforming my garage into a garage I look forward to driving into. I love the adaptability of the system. The floor is perfect and I look forward to many years of use! "

  • " Just had our new garage built this week. It looks fantastic. I was a little nervous leaving the job but came back the next day to a completed project with all of our stuff organized beautifully. Jeff was very friendly and answered any and all questions we had. And the project was done in one day! I would use their services again. "

  • " Professional, trustworthy, and great customer service and solutions "

  • " We're very pleased with the way our garage turned out, and the process was fast and easy! "

  • " We recently completed an overhaul of our 3 car garage in Vienna, VA, including new floor, Liftmaster door lifts, painting, electrical work, ceiling mounted bike lift and wall track system for hanging/storage. The planning and and execution stages were flawless. Moreover, the technicians who worked my project were as polite as they were skilled. I recommend this service unhesitatingly. "

  • " The quality of the work was outstanding. The staff was helpful in the design of the garage and the work was finished on time despite inclement weather. "

  • " This is one of the most experienced garage company in this area. Any thing you need fixing they can do. "

  • " These folks do magic with any space you challenge them with, and more than just garages. We gave up our garage in NW DC to a pool and terracing landscape project, however we had a small basement access space and a need to store garden tools and such. Jeff and his team did fantastic work. They were very responsive to solving details given the tight and unusual space constraints of an old house, and we now have a very professional looking and easy-to-maintain tool storage area. We recommend Potomac Garage Solutions. "

  • " From the design session with Jeff to the installation headed up by Martin, this is a first-class product and customer-oriented organization. We had a junk-filled garage that could barely accommodate one car. Now we have a show place point of entry to the house and both cars are parked inside. Jeff easily captured our needs and came up with a design that worked. Martin and his assistant were very professonal and extremely accommodating during the installation process. During the "move back" triage process, we were able to get rid of 75% of the "stuff" that had accumulated over the years. We are definitely pleased and believe this will increase the value of our house when we get ready to put it on the market in a few years. "

  • " I am so pleased that I decided to spend the extra money to overhaul my garage. The entire staff are so helpful, and the quality of the product, both the floor which is amazing and the Gladiator cabinets are top notch quality. The staff helped me organize and throw out a ton of junk, which will actually make the garage more useful as I now have more space for more useful things that I have scattered in other places in the house. I would definitely use Potomac Garage Solutions if I had to do all over again. "

  • " Their experts put together a fabulous and extremely easy to organize system that is the envy of our neighbors. We love it! Very professional and amiable staff who went the extra mile to make sure we were happy. "

  • " I used Potomac Garage Solutions to complete a surprise project for my husband. They did a tremendous job and finished the project in a timely manner. The customer service was also extremely positive and accommodating. "

  • " Yes, PGS made our garage a show piece! We had PGS remodel our garage last week…exceeded every expectation…a job well done! We have the Rock Solid garage floor. The floor is “slip-proof”, looks great with a permanent shine…it is sensational! The Gladiator GarageWorks system gives us the flexibility to arrange and re-arrange our garage in every way! The crew was efficient and effective and stayed with the project until completed! The quality of the cabinets is excellent and the tracks system gives remarkable flexibility in configuring and reconfiguring your garage! We are satisfied with our garage renovation and would recommend Potomac Garage Solutions to everyone! "

  • " This is the real deal! I remodeled my garage with PGS a couple of months back and waited to post the review just to see that there weren't any problems. I had 2 other companies come in for an estimate which sell an inferior product by far. The base for Potomac Garage Solutions is the Gladiator GarageWorks system which is the most complete storage system in the market today. It's backed up by Whirlpool warranties so I knew that I had a lifetime of peace and mind with the products i chose. Zev Pomerance really helped me design the space that I wanted for my cars and activities and the installation team was on time and was finished with a few days. Considering how much junk I had in the garage it took much less time than I anticipated. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome and would recommend Potomac Garage Solutions to anybody. "

  • " So. Garage organization. This is certainly a process not simply a bunch of product. This is a change in lifestyle - for the better - not a one day fix. Potomac Garage Solutions takes on what has to be one of the most difficult tasks, asking a person to part with his/her "stuff" if is broken/a duplicate/not necessary etcccccc, in order to bring order to chaos. We had a multi-room, and complicated mess, and Jeff and his team lead Sal and crew members Jose and a few others took it/us on. We needed a premium service. Other companies deliver and install product but they don't lead you through the process like PGS does. I was so ready to get things under control that I signed my contract the day I met the owner. No doubts and no regrets.
    And, the result is terrific. Now, of course, we have to complete the hard work, and maintain the discipline to keep it organized.
    The Gladiator products and flooring product are fabulous -- gorgeous stuff, actually. There is a place for everything.
    I agree with the previous reviewer that my expectations for prices were met. We chose to increase our original budget once we got inspired by the system. PGS helped us organize our garage, garage attic, shed and cleaned out a space in the basement. PGS hauled at least 6 truckloads of stuff away.
    As with any home renovation project, it is just prudent to mentally build some extra timeinto the original estimate for the unexpected, or for more of a mess than first meets the eye. We were still largely done in under 2 weeks, and these guys work hard.
    Our entire home, particularly the exterior and back yard areas, look 100% better because we've trashed stuff that's been sitting around for ages, and found a place for everything else.
    Nice guys, too -- had some fun in the end. Absolutely recommend, happy to speak to anyone. "

  • " I had a great experience with PGS. I got exactly what I ordered, and the job came out GREAT. The crew (Martin, Sal, John, Francisco) worked very hard, did quality work and were very accomodating to the little "extras" I asked for. They were trustworthy and pleasant to deal with. I did not feel "nickel and dimed" at all - when the invoice came, it matched the estimate exactly, despite some extra work that was done by the crew. Like any project, work-arounds come up, and they were always accomodating and did not charge me extra. The job took a day or two longer than expected due to the extreme cold. I almost drove them crazy trying to match a particular color of red for the walls, but they were patient and presented 8 different choices over two days before we found the right one. The finished product is truly astonishing...a real extreme makeover, and customized to my requests! Very happy with the project. Would recommend. "

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Garage Organization Contractor Reviews