Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

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Are you looking for metallic epoxy flooring? Potomac Garage Solutions has been offering a wide variety of metallic epoxy flooring throughout Maryland and Washington DC areas since 2003. There are a lot of different places that are going to use commercial epoxy flooring. These are going to be much more durable than just a regular cement floor. Factories that have a lot of oil or water on their floors will benefit from using this.

A lot of companies have areas that are prone to the floor getting broken down by certain substances. Water is one of the worst things for a cement floor. They need to make sure that they are able to provide protection so that they are not breaking down.

Commercial epoxy flooring is not limited to factory facilities, it can also be used in stores and many other places. Most of the time, it's used to make a floor more durable to a certain substance but it is also nice for making a floor look amazing. There are many choices for the company that will be using it. If the floors are already damaged, they will have to be repaired before this is going to work. It is great for putting on cement floors and others that need to be protected; colors can be added to it as well.

Everybody has a different choice on what their floor will look like. They may want something shiny and smooth, while other people may want something that has glitter in it. When applied, it will have to harden before anything can be put on it. If someone is looking into having this flooring added over top of their existing one, they will need to clear everything off and expect to leave it cleared until it is dry. This step prevents dents and uneven surfaces.

While it does not usually take a long time to apply, it will take at least a day for a professional to get it done. With each floor being a different size, it is hard to put an exact time on completion. Some stores or factories will close for a day or more while this process is being done.

The surface is easily cleaned once process is finished. It will be important to keep it dry because it can be a hit slippery if water is standing on it.

Hot and cold weather conditions should not affect results. This will stay durable and be easy to clean whether factory conditions are cool or hot. There is no limit to where people are putting this type of flooring.

This is also much cheaper than replacing the entire floor after it gets damaged. People would rather have the surface of the floor recoated rather than have everything torn up and replaced. After so long, the surface will need to be smoothed out and resurfaced but it is not a big process when someone knows what they are doing.

While this is a very durable surface. there are things that can cause damage. People should avoid hitting it with the forks on their fork truck as well as other things. Some of the scratches can become deep if this happens over and over.

When people are using commercial epoxy flooring. they will have a big advantage with a finish that looks amazing. Most people will expect to see a lot of oil stains and things on the floor but this is all prevented with this process.

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